Friday, May 18, 2018

3384. A Time for Creativity

What to do at the end of the school year, when we may be exhausted, weary and even a bit sick?
It is the time when we may be at the countdown.
It is a relief my students are great, simply great. Also my head people are also great.
It is the time of fortitude too.
You have got to resist until the bell time, at this palestra of life. Obviously I’m not telling you family stuff but also there you have got to have fortitude, for the work can become greater too.
And for the summer? More work plus a kids summer camp of English.
You know, I don’t want to complain, just you may have to exert your best fortitude, which is a case of regular and normal administration.
And I believe you may get more strength for fall, for when back to school in fall. Why getting more strength? Because you relax and rest when you change your work and the regular scenario where you exert your daily work. I’m happy anyway. Also I count on the Other, on the transcendent, on God himself. He is so good.
Have a nice weekend, my colleagues! / Photo from: Emisoras Badajoz Teatro romano de Mérida. Oh those theater ruins have also resisted for long…! Kind of more than two thousand years! That is a building not far from my birthplace, in southern Europe. It’s awesome!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

3383. On Classroom Management...

Good rapport between the teacher and the students.
You may feel you must be a bit kind of a sergeant with your students, but… I’d say to you to be prudent.
In order to achieve to be human and demanding at the same time you need to put in your, in our students’ shoes.
Affection and prudence are vital. We need to be delicate and affective but at the same time we should not be our students’ buddy. Ours must be love of benevolence: we seek what’s good for our students, and so we are prudent when treating our students.
And how to manage the classroom?
Well, you know, I could say too many things but some point is: Let’s be serious with our students and not lenient at all.
If we respect our students we will more likely be respected. And that’s it. If we are serious and formal at our job, we will transmit and pass on seriousness and commitment at working in the classroom. It’s my own experience. Have a nice day my colleagues!
/ Photo from: list_autumn Hiroshima. Fernando, why did you set a fall picture now? Well, some of my visitors are from the south earth hemisphere and there they are in autumn… (although the pic is from Japan).

Monday, May 14, 2018

3382. How to Track Our Students Nicely!

We are sometimes worried and concerned about classroom management, right? Even more deeply, we may be worried and concerned about our dear students’ behavior and conduct, right?
I can tell you that in the previous school where I taught, in another city of southern Spain, we used to nicely track our students, our dear students, and as well we had individual tutorial interviews with each and every kid.
And even more: we used to have periodical interviews with their parents and so we could pull the cart in the same direction as those parents pulled the cart of their kids’ education.
We were so seriously concerned about those young people’s education and growing.
It was pretty sound when we met together, the teachers I mean, and used to talk about each individual student: we told what we knew from them form an exterior viewpoint, nothing from what the kids told us at those tutorial interviews.
You know what? I miss those teachers meetings: they were great!
We had those meetings to track our students' evaluation and assessment. / Photo from: evolution of the computer WordPress com

Friday, May 11, 2018

3381. Our Job as Teachers Is Great!

The lesson in the classroom is the teacher’s palestra or arena, in a positive way I mean.
It is then when we have to fulfill our teaching goals and also educate our students. Fulfilling our teaching goals and educating our students are interwoven and bound.
We want to fulfill some teaching goals but at the same time we pursue to educate our students as honorable citizens. And all that takes place as a single objective: teaching and educating.
Even more, we can ultimately consider them, our students, as children of God. And we can count on God’s grace and help to achieve the nice goal of educating our students as His children.
We may have planned the lesson but we have to make good use of time and of opportunities in the classroom: it’s then when we have to achieve those teaching goals plus educate our students!
As well we have to win and defeat our possible laziness: it is then when we have to apply what we may have learned from great experts at teaching! And that’s in the classroom, from well-thought and well-outfitted lesson plans.
Fulfilling our teaching goals and educating our students are the two sides of the same coin.
Some more specific ideas? We may try to teach our students to study and research, to write essays and make diagrams with the lessons contents. / Photo from: aviation_history Go Flight Medicine. Some lesson contents may be technology history.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

3380. On How to Become an Enthused Teacher

If the teacher teaches from what he has inside, he will likely have success. And his students will likely learn a lot.
He will teach in an easy way what maybe needed a big effort to learn himself. I mean, he will make things easy although he may have invested a big effort and a long time to learn himself.
On the other hand, if a teacher tries to teach what he does not have yet, he will likely fail.
The teacher must be an expert at what he teaches and also he must be an expert at teaching that. Because of that the teacher should dedicate time at learning about what he has to teach plus at learning how to teach and how to manage the classroom – experience will teach him all that also.
Even I would say that the teacher should like what he teaches. Otherwise he might not teach well. On the contrary if he likes the matter he teaches, he will pass on and transmit that enthusiasm to his students.
As well the teacher must know that the more he knows about the subject he has to teach the more he will like it.
Are we enthused teachers?
Well, he might not like that subject very much but if he dedicates a lot of time to that subject he will like it more and more. / Photo from: estudiar-ingles-en-londres Papora com. I have met people that by learning about their subject they got interested in that issue.

Monday, May 7, 2018

3379. How to Deal with Some Anxiety...

“Respecting other people makes us more respectable.” I wrote that note some days ago.
I know that if we respect and treat our students nice we will likely be more respected.
If we treat our students with seriousness and respect we will likely be more valued and respected. Because we give to others what we already have. What we do not have we cannot give to others.
Politeness and respect are paramount at treating students.
Also inside a family. I’ve seen that when there’s love and politeness and respect between wife and husband that marriage and that family will likely be happy.
We must learn how to learn about ourselves. If we’re tired, weary and nervous we should not argue.
A friend of mine used to say that when you are under those feelings you should not quarrel with other family members. That incident may have no importance, you can tell yourself: now it is not the right moment to argue: that has no importance or very little, I will wait to be more serene to say something to my wife or my husband.
Later I will see that that was not important or very slightly. Believe me: that marriage will turn out fine. More likely than not.
Also you can apply that premise to your class of students: if you’re upset that is not the right time to reprimand a kid. / Photo from: land-away-double-flying-08101222 Virgin Experience Days. We must learn how to pilot our own plane: ourselves.