Friday, April 20, 2018

3373. Beauty Is Educative!

Taking care of little things is important for a teacher. It is, indeed.
Everyday teaching is composed of little things:
cleaning the board after my class, for the next teacher to find it clean and neat;
having my students arrange their desks at the end of the work day or after a class if they got disordered;
teaching my students to use the bathroom well and thinking it will be cleaned by the cleaning staff or personnel, mostly ladies;
not dropping bags and wrapping paper at the playground;
having my students have small jobs for them to also learn to take care of little things;
dealing with the school material in a nice way for it to last for long, quite long;
having their tablets screens rather clean, from time to time;
using their books in a neat way…
All that said is very educative. Maybe we will not find the fruit of our work now, but our students will be so grateful for our work when they become more mature or adults. Our job as teachers simply is great. / Photo from: Chevrolet-2017-Oldtimer-gallery_-Cars_-1940-Chevrolet_-40s-era-cars carboard pro. Another classic car: its owner must have taken care of it in a nice way.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

3372. How to Take Advantage of Errors

We as teachers should notice the mistakes and errors our students make when talking.
Maybe we’ll write some quick notes while they’re speaking, for later correction.
I can tell you that for I’m a foreign or second language teacher, namely English, and I must notice my students’ mistakes and errors, and then go over them to correct them.
Then we can apply the PPP way of teaching a grammar form or pattern. PPP stands for Presentation of the grammar form by the teacher, then we have Practice and then Production of that form maybe into a communicative activity.
So remember: let’s notice the grammar forms that our students do not use properly and accurately. / Photo from: Cambridge PET

Monday, April 16, 2018

3371. Are You a Creative Teacher Yourself?

Some days ago I wrote some notes for later posting on my blog: “The summary or main idea of all my blog? Let’s have serene and mild fun and enjoy teaching. Plus: Let’s serve our students. April 13, 2018”
I’ve been posting for nine years and I’ve composed more than three thousand entries or posts.
And yes, I’d say that, as a summary of all this blog, although it is impossible to summarize all that has been said along this blog in so few words.
Teaching is a job and also an art. An art that you learn over time, and at the beginning you may suffer out of inexperience, but over time it’s a hard task but also you may enjoy and delight in it.
I insist on purpose: teaching is something demanding and somehow hard, even strength draining.
I would keep the statement that teaching is an art in which you will be gaining teaching skills, along time. If you're a good learner yourself, you may be a good teacher too. Have a nice day! / Photo from: mobile phones willvideoforfood com. I posted another picture of a classic car, and you know what device the man has in his car? A mobile phone! Then, at that period mobile or cell phones were that big! Well, there were not many.

Friday, April 13, 2018

3370. Our Job as Teachers Is Simply Great!

We’ve seen that teaching and being a teacher are great.
Also it’s so because we’re educating our students. Or better said, helping their parents at that very important point: the education of their children.
Whatever we do influences on our students.
And we have the duty of setting some honorable example. So we’ll have to better ourselves day after day, and that entails struggle to overcome our flaws and defects.
One aspect to better as teachers and persons is treating problems with professionalism.
Also we tentatively can count on our colleagues and principals’ advice and help. Alike we saw that we can count on our Father God’s help.
Carrying out our beautiful work demands professionalism. All this kind and nice struggle influences quite much upon our students. In other words by conducting in that way we are educating our students.
I’m finishing: Although we are so busy teachers we should find and dedicate time for talking with their parents. Have a nice day! / Photo from: 1938 Chevy 2 doors TheUnion com. I posted just a beautiful picture. I like old classic cars.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

3369. Our Job as Teachers Is So Great!

We as teachers have a public work. We’re on the summit of the classroom.
So whatever we do or whatever we don’t influence on our students, our dear students.
We should set an example, however we choose one model or another of teaching. We somewhat have the responsibility of our students’ behavior. We influence upon our students.
Although it’s the parents who have the main role at educating our students, we have a subsidiary or complementary role at educating them.
All this is serious and beautiful at the same time.
However, we’re not alone, for we can tentatively count on our colleagues and principals or principal deputies. And of course we can count on our Father God’s help. We teachers have to be strong and have fortitude, for we in some way are leading our students’ lives.
We set an example, firstly at working hard.
I know that most of you are dedicated teachers. We must have fortitude because we hold our students’ lives, in some way. We hold our students morally too.
In few days I will write a bit more on these points.
Do I say all this to choke and encumber ourselves? Not at all: our job is great and we can count on others and on God, as I said. We’re not alone.
Have a nice day, teachers and students! Oh also we can count on the experience we’re gaining over time, at each class, a class after another class. / Photo from: sunset-flight Holiday Extras

Monday, April 9, 2018

3368. How Is Your Self-Esteem?

We have to be happy when we go to our daily work.
Also while we’re carrying it out.
Why so? Because we’re doing our best and fulfilling our duty the best way we know of.
Unless we’re working fine and doing our best we have got to rectify and mend our fulfilling our duties. We have to be glad we can carry out our job. Plus we have the authority proper of the person who is accomplishing his obligations and duties.
Thus our students will see we have some nice authority, proper of the person who, as I said, is doing his best.
All that feeling will help us achieve our goals for that class we’re about to teach. So we have to give away any possible self-destructive thought that we are not fulfilling our nice and beautiful job as teachers.
Yes, Fernando, but I have these or those problems at my job and…! Well try and do your best: any teacher that works that way should be peaceful: you try to work better and better and also look for improving yourself as a person alike, come on, stay calm!
/ Photo from: mobile-evolution dnpr com ua. Okay there’s a lot of corruption by some people, but also many a person try to behave well and therefore we get amelioration at everyday stuff. One example? Look at the picture: we’ve improved mobile telephony and phones are better and better, smaller and smaller, more and more efficient.